MeetingWhereWhenX-Mine activity
X-Mine Industrial workshop
Lovisagruvan mine, Sweden
11th Feb 2020A workshop, where the X-Mine drill core scanner and sorting system were demonstrated.
Embedded world 2020Nuremberg25th – 27th Feb 2020
Antmicro team will present their new 3D camera
PDAC 2020 Annual Convention
Toronto, Canada1st – 4th Mar 2020
A workshop featuring X-Mine technologies by Orexplore

Sensor-based sorting and control
Aachen, Germany17th – 18th Mar 2020
Aachen International Mining Symposium
Aachen, Germany2nd – 3rd Apr 2020X-Mine will (most probably) have presentations
European Geoscience Union
Vienna2nd - 5th May 2020
Marian Munteanu will have a presentation
Geochemistry of mineral depositsBarcelona, Spain24th – 29th May 2020
Stefan Luth will have a presentation