X-MINE project advances into sensor trial phase

The X-MINE project is progressing into the sensor trial phase after a successful General Assembly and Technical Meeting in Krakow, Poland on September 25th and with an additional visit to the Comex manufacturing facilities in the nearby Kety on September 26th, 2018.

The consortium has agreed on the first mineral rock classification trials comparing the mineralogical results obtained from Orexplore’s XRF detector, Advacam’s XRT detector and Antmicro’s 3D camera. Practical details regarding representative mineral sample acquisition from Assarel-Medet (Bulgaria), Hellas Gold (Greece) and Lovisagruvan (Sweden) mines have been agreed on with detailed distribution plans. The aforementioned mines prepare for the sorting pilot phase by initialising the on-site assembly of ore conveyor lines and frames for the Comex pilot sorters. The ore classification parameters for the pilot sorter multi-sensor module will be developed according to the data acquired from the different sensor units.

The consortium is very excited to move into a more active research phase that aims to combine the project’s pilot sorter and novel multi-sensor data acquisition system, reaching for a high impact product for the European mining industry.


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