Summaries of Deliverables

General project material

Project introductory slidesDownload PDF
Mining and Metal Journal presented the X-Mine project in 5 page reviewDownload PDF
X-Mine flyer Feb 2021Download PDF
X-Mine presentation Feb 2021Download PDF

Scientific publications, events and other material

  • Euro Mine Expo conference in Skellefteå 2018: X-Mine project had good visibility in several sessions
      In-depth Session

      Penetrative X-Ray analysis and 3D-tomography of geological materials for improved efficiency in exploration and mining
      Exhibitor Innovation Forum

      Building 3D ore deposit models in combination with XEF/XRT real-time sensing: A conceptual approach: SGU Ronald Arvidsson (Senior Geophysicist)
      Exhibitor Innovation Forum

      Extract the maximum amount of information from drill cores: structural geology through x-ray tomography: Orexplore Alexander Hansson (Ph.D. Physicist), Mikael Bergqvist (Ph.D. R&D Manager)
  • Northern Optics and Photonics 2018 in Industrial session Uusitalo Sanna from VTT gave speech about Development of optical analyzers for efficient on-site mine exploration and ore beneficiation, which included short description of the X-Mine project
  • X-Mine project aims and results have been presented to scientific community with several posters:
      Poster 1

      Mavres Petres Carbonate Replacement Au – polymetallic sulphide deposit Halkidiki
      Download PDF
      Poster 2

      Real-Time Mineral X-Ray Analysis for Efficient and Sustainable Mining
      Download PDF
      Poster 3

      Ore Deposit Modelling lead by Geological Survey of Sweden WP1 X-Mine project
      Download PDF
      Poster 4

      Euro Mine Expo 2018 Critical and noble metals in major sulphides from Mavres Petres
      Download PDF
  •  Nikolaos Arvanitidis from SGU has presented X-Mine project during Mineral Resources in Greece panel discussion as an invited member