X-MINE General Assembly in Thessaloniki, Greece 22 October 2018

How can innovative XRF and XRT technology applied to mineral sorting and drill core scanning, paired with multi sensor development, contribute to the sustainable supply of mineral raw materials in the European Union?
14 partners took part in the X-MINE General Assembly meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece on Monday October 22. During the meeting, a lot of detailed planning related to the continued deployment of the drill core analyser, the upcoming sorting prototype pilots, together with technical discussions, resolved important issues. Working groups sorted out issues more in detail and discussed the impact of the project for the mines.
Ancient Greek philosophers of the historical and still active mining region of Chalkidiki formed an inspiring background to the meeting.
The meeting was organized by Hellas Gold with participant organizations: VTT (lead partner), Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU), Orexplore, Advacam, Antmicro, Lovisagruvan, Hellas Gold,
Assarel Medet, Hellenic Copper Mines, Institutul Geologic al Romaniei (IGR), Bergskraft Bergslagen AB and Comex.


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